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[Reading] ➸ Losers Bracket Author Chris Crutcher – Berkingmad.co.uk When a family argument turns into an urgent hunt for a missing child seventeen year old Annie Boots must do everything in her power to bring her nephew home safely Chris Crutcher the acclaimed and besReading Losers Bracket Author Chris Crutcher Berkingmadcouk When a family argument turns into an urgent hunt for a missing child seventeen year old Annie Boots must do everything in her power to bring her nephew home safely Chris Crutcher the acclaimed and bes When a family argument turns into an urgent hunt for a missing child seventeen year old Annie Boots must do everything in her power to bring her nephew home safely Chris Crutcher the acclaimed and bestselling author of Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes shar

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Es a provocative story about family loss and loyalty that is perfect for fans of Jason Reynolds and Laurie Halse Anderson The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s books called Losers Bracket “Genuine and affecting” When it comes to family Annie is in the Losers Bracket While her foster parents are great mostly her birth family would not have been her first pick And no matter how many times Annie tries to write them out of her life she always gets sucked back into their drama Love is like thatBut when a family argument b

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Losers BracketReaks out at Annie’s swim meet and her nephew goes missing Annie might be the only one who can get him back With help from her friends her foster brother and her social service worker Annie puts the pieces of the puzzle together determined to find her nephew and finally get him into a safe homeAward winning author Chris Crutcher’s books are strikingly authentic and unflinchingly honest Losers Bracket is by turns gripping heartbreaking hopeful and devastating and hits the sweet spot for fans of Andrew Smith and Marieke Nijkam

Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Chris Crutcher's writing is controversial and has been freuently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms Running Loose and Athletic Shorts were on the ALA's top list of most freuently challenged books for His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems including abusive parents racial.

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  • Julie Daniels

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketWow This book and the feels I don't even know where to start but a little of it hit me especially hard Full review to come closer to release day Thanks to Harper Children's for the aadvance copy for review

  • Claudia

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketLoser's bracket starting a difficult fight already behindLike Annie Boots and her familymom Nancy sister Sheila and nephew Frankie Loser's bracket the side of the bracket that reuires you to play games to get to the finals Annie deliberately loses the first game of a tourney to give her mom and sister MORE time to come to her games in the hopes of spending some time togetherLoser's bracket the concept of always playing catch up never being in charge of your future your fortunes Your lifeAnnie Boots may end up being one of my favorite Crutcher charactersShe's as fierce as Sarah

  • Sharon

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketI am usually a huge fan of Chris Crutcher's work but Losers Bracket falls short for me It is the story of Annie a foster child whose desperate need to be loved by her biological family almost destroys her chance at a real future Annie's voice gets stronger as the book nears its end but I just did not buy her story from the start The author does a good job of showing how difficult life can be for foster families in general as well as the families that the foster kids leave behind Losers Bracket represents a missed opportunity by the author as it just does not go far enough in showing the emotional turmoil of children and teens that are thrust into a system that they scarcely understand

  • Sarah

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketThe narrator of this novel is a high school senior named Annie Boots Annie has had a tough life bouncing between her tres dysfunctional family and a foster one There is no uestion she's been dealt a hard lot However this seems to be a case of tell rather than show Annie mentions the difficulties freuently and seems to feel pretty darn sorry for herself Granted she is so entitled However as a reader it got on my nerves because I prefer to develop my own impressions of characters rather than be told what to think Although I appreciate the effort to depict the struggles of a child bouncing through socials services I didn't particularly care for Annie as a main character and the story was depressing One thing I did like is that it takes place in my home state of Wa

  • Wendy

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketThis review and others on my blog Falconer's LibraryHow do I love Chris Crutcher? Let me count the ways There's his foul mouthed big hearted FB rants about the state of the country and the role of old white guys like himself There's the humor that slides into even his darkest books There's the way his work is all rooted firmly in eastern Washingtonnorthern Idaho just like he is There's the way he populates that territory with diversity and is honest about how challenging it is to live in the rural west if you don't look and act like a cowboy There's his willingness to tell it like it is instead of how it should be There's the way every single one of his protagonists is a high school athlete no superstar future pro but a dedicated talented hardworking team member There are books like this that make you care so deeply about the characters that show teenagers grappling with real lif

  • Ms. Yingling

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralAnnie is a high school senior who has a lot of family problems Her bio mom Nancy lost custody some time ago due to extreme neglect and drug use and Annie has been living with the Howards for a number of years and she gets along well with their son Marvin who is about her age Annie's sport is basketball and she's hoping to get some college scholarships but she is using the off season to swim a sport at which she does not excel The one good thing about swimming is that Nancy her half sister Sheila and Sheila's son Frankie often come to watch her even though she is not supposed to have contact with them The Howards know about this and are generally okay with it but when her foster father thinks that meeting with her bio family makes her misbehave he wants her to cut off all contact Sheila is not any better as a parent than Nancy was but when Frankie goes missing at one of her meets Annie blames herself Nancy's

  • Katy Noyes

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketA 'mad as a bucket of frogs' family a fostered daughter struggling with loyalties and a missing boyAnnie has the maddest birth family I think I've ever read about the sort you see on TV but pray doesn't really exist Put through the system so many times they KNOW the answers to the parenting tests yet Annie was regularly removed into foster care And now her nephew is in the same situation with her sister Sheila Now in a secure foster family Annie is nearly through high school she's part of some sports groups a teenage book club at her local library and hoping for a scholarship to college She keeps getting sucked back into her birth family's dramas though you can see she has real unshakable feeling for them despite past neglect and it also causes friction in her new family a part I wasn't as keen on or felt particularly realisticThis was a short read with a strong voice in Annie who is pretty matter of fact about her unconvent

  • Alicia

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketAnnie reminds me of a friend growing up drawn and pulled back into the dysfunctionality of her biological family's issues though she has a stable foster family to encourage her It's the draw and the need to stay connected even when you shouldn't It's the affect of drugs and neglect and apathetic parenting So Annie about faces on her sports of choice basketball to swimming and pushes through a scary incident where her nephew that she keeps close ties with goes missing Ultimately as the glue unravels and people get involved it's layers of problems that Annie must work through Not always perfect generally always difficult but surviving nonetheless This is the tale of overcoming obstacles in a way that Crutcher is good at It's a uick read Definitely hard at times but a book that is a mirror for many who want to remain loyal to biological family even though it might not be healthy The glimpse into this system is up Crutcher's alley as he works

  • Sherry Guice

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketWe haven't seen a book from Chris Crutcher in a while This one is really good Short enough tense enough and cleanAnnie the protagonist is a foster child living with a prominent family and has for uite a while after being shuffled back and forth from foster care to her biological family The Boots family are uite dysfunctional drug users thieves and poor parents Annie is caught in the middle of her foster family and wanting to be connected with her biological family Pops the foster father forbids Annie to have contact

  • Christie Bane

    Losers Bracket doc Ú Paperback read Losers BracketMaybe I would've liked this book if I was a troubled teen; I don't know The first person narrator of this book Annie comes from a messed up white trash drug addled family Her mother Nancy is fat and gross and always with some loser guy or another Her older sister Sheila is a mess and well on the way to becoming just like Nancy Her nephew Frankie is troubled to the extent that he likes to smear his own poop into the cracks of walls and floors Somehow Annie had the good fortune to end up in a stable foster family complete with stable foster brother Marvin But even though Annie has found stability she can't escape the pull of her messed up biological family Stress drama and personal growth all result Not a bad book just one I might be a little too old for