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Read Ï Lost Time 107 ´ ➵ [Read] ➱ Lost Time By Parker Williams ➿ – Dear AuthorI was hoping you could tell me the story of these two beautiful menThey have known each other for many years They were close friends for a long time but life just got in the way and their c Dear AuthorI was hoping you could tell me the sto[Read] Lost Time By Parker Williams Dear AuthorI was hoping you could tell me the story of these two beautiful menThey have known each other for many years They were close friends for a long time but life just got in the way and their c Dear AuthorI was hoping you could tell me the story of these two beautiful menThey have known each other for many years They were close friends for a long time but.

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Life just got in the way and their competitive careers and busy lives meant they somehow fell out of touch They never forgot about each other and they have both been waiting for this moment for yearsI’d like to see an emotional reunion maybe a hint of hurtcomfort in there somewhere if you can fit it in but most of all just a whole lot of love I’m a hopeless romanticPhoto Description The black and white photograph shows a bed from directly above.

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Lost TimeWith two young men all the way over to the right side visible from the waist up Their torsos are bare They lie facing one another and their embrace is tender and loving than it is passionateThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

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  • Bev

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeHaving read '500 Miles' by the same author I decided to do a uick recon mission and discover what else he'd writtenI adored this one 45 stars and from mePart of the LHNB event on GR this story centres on Alex and Kurt best friends since they were old enough to know about having friends They spent every minute that they could together until during their teens Alex's feelings began to change towards Kurt and rather than have Kurt reject him he decided to cool things between them From being able to talk to each other about anything and everything misunderstandings and a heavy silence betwee

  • MostlyDelores

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeLet me put on my gorilla costume and tell you you're a moronImagine an old timey vintage Harleuin series of misunderstandings coupled with what can only be a traumatic brain injury and you have the love story of Alex and Kurt Our narrator Alex tells us that he and Kurt had been friends since infancy But by the time they reached junior high he figured out that that he doesn’t like girls “that way” and Kurt is it for himWhen Kurt was around I didn’t need anyone elseThroughout the book Kurt points out many times that potted plants are mentally nimble than our Alex He's not wrong“You’re such an idiot” 1Alex wants to know why Kurt would come and hang with Alex instead of all his many other friends causing Kurt to arch an eyebrow and glare at

  • Macky

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeI've found a new favourite author Just read Parker Williiams latest book 500 miles and adored it and now having just read this lovely freebie for LHNB its confirmed exactly why I'll be auto buying future offerings from him He writes beautifully This was WonderfulSweet romantic feel good warm and fuzzie You name all the good things a love story should have and this story has it Yeah I'll admit you could find things to pick apart if you look closely you always can but in this case I don't think it matters because the two guys are so endearing and the story so engaging I'm really impressed with these stories up to now and to think they're all free and written by super authors is awesome Not seeing what's in front of your face all along misunderstandings finally righted love lost and found all leading to a satisfyingly romantic HEA Oh that someone would woo me like that

  • Exina

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeAnnoying irritating cheesy and fcking ridiculous storyline love declaration in a gorilla costume in front of the hero’s class he is a teacher non communication dishonesty pouting lots of retrospect TSTL main character whipped cream throwing love song sent via radio and only one sex scene at the end and even that one is lameSee MostlyDelores’ perfect review for

  • .Lili.

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeI ♥ this story so hard I'm a novella snob I admit it In fact up until too long I didn't touch them After reading the blurb on this one though I had to read it Best friends to lovers Second chance romance after years of having lost touch This was right up alley I was so happy when in the end it surpassed all expectations I had for it The love these two men had for each other was felt in every word writtenWe felt the hurt they both felt when they lost touch I must say for a novella it didn't feel rushed or incomplete I felt like I read a complete book We were with them from childhood to adulthood We were able to watch them grow I can't recommend this feel good story en

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost Time375This is a really cute and sweet friends to lovers story Kurt and Alex aren't really alike but that doesn't stop them from being the best of friends all through their youth but college and then life changes thatI was a little confused that despite the real and very deep feelings they had for the other they both let time go by without really trying to figure it out I wanted a better understanding of that because Kurt especially didn't seem like the kind of guy to let him go so easilyWhen they finally do find each other again it's a really sweet trip down memory lane and I'm so happy it worked out for them It was a great prompt and it got a really sweet story And I have to add any guy who makes his declaration on bananas deserves to get his guy

  • Lauren

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeI'm fangirling like crazy right now Sueeeeeee I can’t thank Parker Williams enough for writing this story for me It was absolutely PERFECT It had everything I asked for in my letter and so much I adored Alex and Kurt I think I need to find my own Kurt he was just so sweet and wonderful sighSo I pretty much loved every single thing about Lost Time but the gorilla suit part about killed me Like seriously there are no words It was just hilarious and awesome and totally perfect That ending too So sweet I had tears in my eyes I do love a good HEA ;I also love that gorgeous cover swoon They're both cuties aren't they ;Once thank you thank you thank you I’m so happy and honored that you chose my prompt and wrote something so wonderful 3

  • Gigi

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeSweet friends to lovers story with a HEA Lovely

  • Kat

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeHey that guy on the left showed up on my doorstep the other day Only he was a Jehovah's Witness Sigh real lifep

  • qx

    Read Ï Lost Time 107 Lost TimeWhen Alex sees Kurt at the restaurant after 5 years without any contact between them he jumps up and runs out of the restaurant The next day Jake who was at the restaurant with Alex sends Alex a note mentioning that the owner of the restaurant no name mentioned stopped by after Alex left Just from this Alex immediately knows that Jake's talking about Kurt who must of course be the ownerI'm really not sure how Alex could have made that connection Just one glimpse of Kurt in a restaurant he's never been to and knows noth