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[BOOKS] ✯ महाभोज By Mannu Bhandari – Berkingmad.co.uk महाभोज – मन्नू भंडारी मन्नू भंडारी का महाभोज उपन्यास इस धारणा को तोड़ता है कBOOKS महाभोज By Mannu Bhandari Berkingmadcouk महाभोज – मन्नू भंडारी मन्नू भंडारी का महाभोज उपन्यास इस धारणा को तोड़ता है क महाभोज – मन्नू भंडारी मन्नू भंडारी का महाभोज उपन्यास इस धारणा को तोड़ता है कि महिलाएं या तो घर परिवार के बारे में लिखती हैं या अपनी भावनाओं की दुनिया में ही जी

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ती मरती हैं महाभोज विद्रोह का राजनैतिक उपन्यास है जनतंत्र में साधारण जन की जगह कहाँ है राजनीति और नौकरशाही के सूत्रधारों ने सारे ताने बाने को इस तरह उलझा दिया है कि वह जनता को फांसने और घोटने का जाल बनकर रह गया है इस जाल की हर कड़ी महाभोज के दा साहब की उँगलियों के इशार

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महाभोजों पर सिमटती और कहती है हर सूत्र के वे कुशल संचालक हैं उनकी सरपरस्ती में राजनीति के खोटे सिक्के समाज चला रहे हैं खरे सिक्के एक तरफ फेंक दिए गए हैं महाभोज एक ओर तंत्र के शिकंजे की तो दूसरी ओर जन की नियति के द्वन्द की दारुण कथा है अनेक देशी विदेशी भाषाओँ में इस महत्त्पू

ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread Mannu Bhandari was born on April in Bhanpura Madhya Pradesh India She attended school in Ajmer and later she graduated from Calcutta University in followed by an MA degree in Hindi from the Banaras Hindu University in She is wife of famous Hindi writer Rajendra Yadav with whom she co wrote the book Ek Inch Muskaan A Little SmileIn post independent Hindi literature man.

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  • Gorab Jain

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजAfter relishing 'Aapka Bunty' 'Bina Diwaro Ke Ghar' and a few short stories by Mannu ji I picked this one while in th

  • Deepak Rao

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजMahabhoj by Mannu Bhandari is a must read for all those who're interested in reading meaningful Hindi literature Replete with deep emotionssarcasm and symbolism this novel is a commentary on Indian politics devoid of valuesprinciples and directionOne of the finest books I've ever read

  • Aniket Mahajani

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजMahabhoj is a novella based on rural politics in India Conditions prescribed in book belongs to 80s you will still observe a lot of relevance to this day hence you develop interest in reading it till end Language of the novel is also very attractive keeps reader enticed

  • Sahir D&

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजThe first sentence of this book is 'Laavaaris laash ko giddh noch nochkar kha jaatay hain' Awesome Translation 'Vultures feast bit by bit on unclaimed bodies' This book is a 'raajnaitik upanyaas' or political novel It centres around Da Saheb a politician who is you get the impression supposed to be the 'good guy' His rival is Sukul Baboo the 'bad guy' Of course they each have their atrocious and supremely positive sides What I liked intensely was the way Mannu Bhandari introduces her principal characters First a paragraph on their physical appearance and then one one their emotional personality For example we are told that Sukul Baboo spends a lot of time with 'sura sundaree' which is a very posh way of saying that he's interested in alcohol and women A third character is Lochan Baboo a politician who was part of Da Saheb's party got fed up and joined Sukl Baboo's party got fed up there too left and is now planning to form his own party In the start of the novel Biseser

  • Ajay Nawal

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजA brilliant novel While Manu Bhandari says in opening of the book that all character incident plots of this novel's are imaginary yet after reading book all of it feels real and close

  • Aditya

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजA beautiful book that talks through fiction about the truths of village life about being a proletariat about fiefdom about how governments at their core only twist the truth to get re elected When you read his in a news article it didn’t affect the mind But the beautiful way that the author has portrayed the innermost workings of those most affected if makes you suddenly feel strongly for something like this even if you’re reading it far away from indianin anotehr country like I did

  • Navneet Mishra

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजNice

  • Ayush Kumar

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजThis story is about the politics on the corpse of poormarginalized people The author uite brilliantly describes a socio political situation which we generally see around us in a feu

  • vik

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजVery very good political theme novel by Mannu BhandariI finished it in one sittingDon't miss it Social and Politic

  • Divya

    ebook ↠ महाभोज Ñread महाभोजOne of the best works in hindi My recent favourite a must read for lovers of hindi novels