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review ↠ Crimson Lake Road õ [KINDLE] ❄ Crimson Lake Road ❧ Victor Methos – Bestselling author Victor Methos’s acclaimed series continues as prosecutor Jessica Yardley races to catch an art obsessed serial killer before she becomes his next masterpieceRetiring prosecutor Je Bestselling author Victor Methos’s acS VegasBut the Jessica finds out the less clear her case becomes Out of options she’s forced to consult her serial killer ex husband—to gain additional insight into the crimes and the killer’s motivationsBy the time Jessica realizes that pursuing this case is a deadly mistake it’s too late to turn back Can she catch the killer or will she be the final addition to a killer’s masterpiece.

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Obsessed serial killer before she becomes his next masterpieceRetiring prosecutor Jessica Yardley can’t turn down one last investigation This time it’s a set of murders Crimson Lake ePUB inspired by a series of grisly paintings called The Night Things She’s the only one who can catch the killer who’s left a trail of bodies in a rural community outside of La.

review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Victor Methos is the Edgar Award nominated bestselling author of over forty novels He has been a criminal and civil rights lawyer in the Mountain West conducting over trials and produces two books a year with his dog Fraiser by Crimson Lake ePUB Ñ his side.

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Crimson Lake Road[KINDLE] Crimson Lake Road Victor Methos Bestselling author Victor Methos’s acclaimed series continues as prosecutor Jessica Yardley races to catch an art obsessed serial killer before she becomes his next masterpieceRetiring prosecutor Je Bestselling author Victor Methos’s acclaimed series continues as prosecutor Jessica Yardley races to catch an art.

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  • Adrian Dooley

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadI enjoyed this one overall but felt I should have enjoyed it It was nearly a great read but too many oddities in it for me to rate it higher Jessica Yardley is a prosecutor who plans to retire early The cases have taken their toll on her and she wants out She has already arranged to move away from Las Vegas to a small town a couple of hours away where she will set up a small one woman law firm to practice everyday law She gets drawn into one last case in her last weeks in the job A killer is on the loose Dubbed The Executioner a woman is found mutilated and murdered in a cabin in Crimson Lake Road with a painting beside her It’s from a series of disturbing paintings from an artist and the killer has re enacted the scene in the painting with the murder When Jessica gets

  • AC

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadThis will be part review and part storycraft including consistency and will contain spoilers It also describes some of the gore in it The book also deals in child abuse If you want to read this book or you're not a fan of child in danger books you may want to skip this review It's also fairly longGood GoodCrimson Lake Road is listed as Desert Plains #2 on Goodreads As is the case in many of my reviews I'm parachuting into a series after the characters have been established It isn't really apparent in this book that it's #2 in a series on the cover in fact it doesn't mention it at all and past events aren't really brought up in terms of these characters working together as a group so it can and does work as a standalone although reading the first will certainly inform the secondThe book opens with a horrific scene a woman in a tunic on a kitchen table her head obscured by bloody gauze FBI agent Cason Baldwin and Detective Lucas Gar

  • Kasa Cotugno

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadI was drawn to this a genre I don't usually choose because the descriptor intimated the element of art This was a plot point early on but it didn't overcome the book's deficiencies I found it amateurish in approach and gratuitously gory and since I do not read thrillers involving harm against children and was misled re the content gave up

  • J. F.

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadBook Review Crimson Lake Road Desert Plains #2 by Victor MethosPublished by Thomas Mercer on February 9 202145 Stars After the incarceration of her ex husband convicted serial killer and prodigious artist Edward Cal in Desert Plains Book 1 Jessica Yardley Assistant US Att

  • Tina Wright

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadAll in all I enjoyed this story and plowed through it uickly Though I guessed the primary culprit from the character’s first appearance and frankly thought our protagonist Jess seemed not very bright when she didn't suspect a thing the twist at the end made for a satisfying surprise I like Jess Cason and Tara as well as Dylan and Lily in fac

  • Alissa Miles

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadGuys I love a thriller Legal thrillers Yes even love for those This is my first Methos book and when I started it I didn’t realize it was number two in a series I wish I’d known that before beginning because I enjoy reading a series in order That said it did okay as a standalone; although some things make sense now knowing there was a book before this oneJessica Yardley is a federal prosecutor who gets involved in one last case before retiring and moving far far away Her past has earned her the right to choose a much different kind of life and she’s ready for it When this last case comes to her attention she wants to help prepare her replacement before boarding her plane to a new life but in doing so gets pulled i

  • Heather

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadThanks to Netgalley the publisher for an ARCThis is one of those times it really hurts that we can't give half stars on Goodreads I liked this book than an avg 3 star book but can't rank it on the same 4 stars as others including the first book in this series The beginning the end were strong and kept me hooked wanting to know what happened The middle I found to be a little tedious I will say the other reasons I rounded down instead of up were view spoiler 1 the fact it was pretty obvious that River would be the killer or at least involved in the killings This distracted me during the whole novel It was handed to us on a platter 2 Seriously We all love Yardley and think she's great but how can I reconcile that with the fact that all the people she's drawn to closest to are murderers Her 2 loves her only friend 3

  • Annette Geiss

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadSuspenseful Yes at times Unbelievable Yes at times Yardley as a DA is not the brightest in her profession She so uickly befriends a victim of a crime she’s investigating Calls her a “soul mate” Really I’ll give this read three stars There’s not much else I can say or else I will interject spoilers I’m shaking my head Thank you Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review

  • Jackie Taylor

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake RoadI have never been excited to receive a pre released book than I was for Crimson Lake Road Thank you to both NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for this opportunity Victor Methos has uickly become one of my favorite legal fiction authors After reading A Killer’s Wife earlier this year I promptly devoured several of his other novels Two of the main characters in Crimson Lake Road are introduced in A Killer’s Wife Do not be deterred by this fact however because it is not necessary to read one before the other though I highly recommend it Okay I think am I finally done fangirling over Victor Methos now on to the actual reviewThe action in Crimson Lake Road starts by the time you reach the end of page two Yes two 2 That is not a typo The chapters are extremely short so even during lulls in the plotline the reader should have no trouble pressing onwards

  • Ben

    review ↠ Crimson Lake Road Crimson Lake Road“Crimson Lake Road “ the name of Victor Methos’ latest novel is also the name of a road in rural Nevada that runs through a largely abandoned lakeside town It is to there that police are called when a body is found The dead woman was tortured then wrapped in black coverall and her face swathed in bloody bandages The investigation goes nowhere A month later the police go to the Road again where there is another victim this one alive but also tortured Because the crimes appear to be the work of a serial psycho the FBI is called in to investigate because of their greater knowledge of that type of criminal Leading that investigation is Jessica Yardley a US Assistant DA Mr Methos is known for his courtroom dramas type crime thrillers; he has written another good one The first half of the book is mainly concerned with the investigation It also introduces