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This Super Bowl Sunday people had better get ready to die — The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it's the most terrifying place on earth — Michael Lander is the most dangerous man in America He pilots a television blimp over packed football stadiums every weekend He is f

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Black SundayRead Black Sunday Author Thomas Harris Berkingmadcouk When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday 80000 people had better get ready to die — The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it's the mos When the game begins in New Orleans

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❰Read❯ ➳ Black Sunday Author Thomas Harris – When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday 80000 people had better get ready to die — The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it's the mosAscinated with explosives And he happens to be very very crazy That's why a beautiful PLO operative has seduced him That's why on Super Bowl Sunday the world will witness the bloody assassination of the U S president and the worst mass murder in history Unless someone discovers what Michael Lander plans and can kill him firs

kindle Ë Black Sunday Librarian NoteThere is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameThomas Harris began his writing career covering crime in the United States and Mexico and was a reporter and editor for the Associated Press in New York City His first novel Black Sunday was printed in followed by Red Dragon in The Silence of the Lambs in Hannibal in and Hannibal Risin.

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  • Matthew

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayAre you nostalgic for post Vietnam early Middle East conflict height of the cold war espionageterrorist thrillers? Well then look no further because all of your interests will be satisfied with Black Sunday I would say that that this story has not necessarily aged well in that a person not familiar with the political climate of the late 70searly 80s may not get it but as a representation of the world at that time I think it is a pretty good throwback Now I was only a little kid at that time so most of what I remember of that time is from history class but it seems like Harris did a pretty good jobWhen it comes to pacing of the book it is about 90% exposition and 10% actionclimaxresolution There are many very long chapters to tell the story of the main characters and how they got to be where they are This is not necessarily a good thing or a ba

  • Checkman

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayBlack Sunday is one of the big thrillersuspense novels from the 1970's It's up there with Jaws The Exorcist and Marathon Man I can remember seeing used copies at garage sales and used bookstores for many years Also like the other novels I named it was made into a big budget A list movie during that decade I was curious to see how it's aged over the past forty years I was also curious to see how much Mr Harris changed his writing style so I finally picked up a copy I was especially pleased to see that the copy I got was printed in 1976 I have vivid memories of the Bantam book cover art from that time period A blast fr

  • Matt

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayI read this long ago long before 911 I mean and now that I read it again I find that reality has dismally caught up with the plot Written and set in the middle of the 1970s I thought it might have become a little dated by now but it isn’t Even without all the technology and stuff that has been invented in the last 45 years or so the story is still captivating and the pace was just right for me There are a few insertions that shed light on the past of the prota and antagonists and help explain their motives and I have to say the psychology of the characters is fleshed out rather well Better than many “modern” thrillers I suppose This was Thomas Harris’ debut novel and I’ll probably check out his new one called Cari Mora which will be published later this month after a

  • Nazim

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayBefore the Hannibal Lecter’s books Thomas Harris wrote “the Black Sunday” in the 70’s The book describes the terroristic group which is willing to stri

  • Rob

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayI have to say that I really enjoyed this bookThis is a book about terrorism fanaticism and retributionOne has to read this book with an eye to how the world was in 1975 when the book was first publishedThe Palestinians PLO hate the Jews The Jews hate the PLO Both hate with fatalistic fanaticism The war in Vietnam is over and there are a lot troubled veterans back in the USA Michael Lander is one of these troubled vets Troubled by PSTD Michael wants to die but in so doing want to take lots of people with him Arab terrorists know of Michael’s desire and encourage and help him to reach his goal His goal is to fly a blimp packed with plastic explosives into the Super Bowl and kill himself along with 80000 innocent bystandersThen there is the Israeli Mossad lead by David Kabakov David Kabakov is every bit as fanatical in his hatred for the PLO With all this hatred d

  • Mark

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayWelcome to Thomas Harris first and stand alone novel about a terrorist attack on US ground For those interested this books has been filmed as well starring Robert Shaw jaws T

  • Arun Divakar

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayWhen your plot line involves a major terrorist attack there are some plot elements which are unavoidable the pace that builds up until the D day terrorists and law enforcement trying to outwit each other every step of the way a couple of romantic flings on either side of the law and then the whole world goes to hell Black Sunday is no different and within the premise of the story Thomas Harris brings the Israel Palestine conflict to the heart of America When you set out to read this book don't think of this as a work by the author of Silence of the Lambs This would seriously dampen your enjoyment levels but if you think of it as another thriller by an author who is as yet unknown to you While the Israeli Mossad and the Palest

  • Charles van Buren

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayReview of Kindle editionPublication date February 1 2001Publisher BerkleyLanguage EnglishASIN B002DMZ9U4324 pagesBefore serial killer Hannibal Lecter there was terrorist and mass murderer Dahlia Iyad and madman Michael Lander Before FBI agents Will Graham Clarice Starling and Jack Crawford there was agent Sam Corley and Israeli Mossad agent David Kabakov The main protagonists in Thomas Harris' first novel BLACK SUNDAY Published in 1975 after the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists and long before 911 this was a relatively early novel about PalestinianIslamic terrorists and mass murder in the name of their causeThe plot is to hijack the Aldrich Blimp the novel's stand in for the Goodyear blimp and convert it to what woul

  • Mohammed Algarawi

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayYes it's a thriller but it was disturbing I didn't like how the novel exploited the stereotype and made the terrorist who were planning to bomb a stadium full of people watching

  • Benjamin Stahl

    kindle Ë Black Sunday Black SundayA Heartbreak Hipster ReviewThis was one of those books I had no real interest in reading One of those books I went ahead and paid for anyway One of those books that sat unnoticed on my shelf for months until finally I decided to get rid of it One of those books I just hadn't the heart to dispose of Not without reading it first I decided I would force myself Fuck it Here it goesThis kind old man on the left created one of the creepiest most original and somehow loveable psychopaths of all time I haven't read all the Hannibal Lector books only Red Dragon but I am a fan of the films Even tho