FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse ↠ ➪ [Ebook] ➥ Hothouse By Brian W. Aldiss ➵ – In this science fiction classic we are transported millions of years from now to the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe The last remnants of humanity are fighting for s In this science fiction classic we are t[Ebook] Hothouse By Brian W. Aldiss In this science fiction classic we are transported millions of years from now to the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe The last remnants of humanity are.

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Fighting for s In this science fiction classic we are transported millions of years from now to the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe The last remnants of humanity are fighting for survival terrorised by the carnivorous plants and the gro.

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  • Dan Schwent

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseMillions of years into the future the Earth is tidally locked with the sun and the sunny side is dominated by a banyan tree of mind boggling size Mile wide plant spiders crawl from the Earth to the moon on vast webs As for man he is now a foot and a half high green and running scared all the timeI got this from Netgalley I was pretty conflicted about this book On one hand I love the setting Come on A far future earth dominated by colossal plants with giant spiders crawling from the earth to the moon and back Telepathic mushrooms Flying plants Giant insects What's not to likeWell there isn't much of a plot to speak of The story starts with one band of humans moves on to the kids they leave behind when they Go Up and then follows two of them I think some of this is due to the book being a patchwork of several of Aldiss' stories set on the Hothouse earthStill it's not without its charms There's a wackiness to it that I enjoyed It reminded me of Philip Jose Farmer's Dark is

  • Stephen

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseA FAR FUTURE Earth where PLANTS are at the TOP of the FOOD CHAIN HUMANS are MEALS and GIANT SPIDER LIKE PLANTS travel on webs between the MOON and EARTHthat is not just COOLthat's BLACK DYNAMITE COOL  45 to 50 stars This book is all about WORLD BUILDING and Brian Aldiss has created a TRIPtastically SUPERB vision of a “far future” Earth unlike anything I have ever read In the distant future evolution has decided to BOOT the “Animal Kingdon” suare in the nether regions   and plants have developed into the dominant “Kingdom” on Earth Side note I wanted to just say “species” rather then Kingdom but then I was sure some science “troll nerd” with an overactive sense of self would take issue with my review for using improper jargon forcing me to call him an Asshat and posting his picture all over goodreads  and who needs thatAnyway in this far future the world is basically one giant “rain forest” of densely packed plant life t

  • Apatt

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseI seldom reread books because there are too many interesting unread books in the world to catch up with but some books just haunt me demanding to be reread because I have forgotten too many details I was walking around in a lush garden and I was reminded of this book and felt the need to reread it This book is set on a far future Earth near the end of its existence the sun is imminently going nova human society and civilization have crumbled

  • Michael Fierce

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseAfter reaching the halfway mark I threw this book down you can read later why only to pick it up again because 1 I think it unfair when someone ratesreviews a book they haven't finished as I have never felt that was a fair way to judge a book potentially destroying an author's chance to reach an audience perhaps even ruining their career and 2 This was a HUGO AWARD WINNING BOOK and I strongly believed there must have been a good reason whyBut I didn't follow my own rules of doing things and thus originally rated it a 2 and reviewed it in full I wanted so badly to like it believing it had several things going for itHere are the 5 reasons why I felt it would be an awe

  • Michael

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseI was surprised how much I liked this riot of imagination of post humans clinging to survival in a world where plants have taken over Millions of years from now when the sun has gotten hotter and the earth’s rotation is locked to keep one side always in its rays the kingdom of plants has outcompeted animals for all the niches evolving carnivorous and motile forms of seeming infinite variety Humans have adapted to short brutish lives as small green creatures amid the jungle canopy The dangers are many but with tribal knowledge and teamwork and enough focus on breeding some form of human life persists when nearly all other vertebrates and ev

  • Henry Avila

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseIn the far distant future with the dying Sun above all the Earth has been overrun by vegetation old Sol stays in the same position in the sky shining on half the world The other part is a frozen wasteland in perpetual darknessIt's a plant world for sure an atmosphere thick by heat as much as the vines that flow down to the hidden ground if there is oneThe few tiny humans left have returned to the trees there is just one a Banyan in reality and become green the humans I mean A Hothouse the name of the novel originally in fact Terra has become this These people are primitive living high above and not even being able to see the below No technology no knowledge of their past history ignoramuses trying to survive against man eating plants L

  • Jan-Maat

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseThere is a trick to beginning reviews and it's a pity that I've never learnt itMy early impression reading this 1960 science fiction novel set on Earth in a far future when our plant's rotation has stalled and weird dynamic for

  • Bradley

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseI'm really impressed with this 1962 classic I was fully prepared to assume it would be outdated and skimpy on the characters but what I actually got was a thought provoking tale that was so heavy on the worldbuilding that the worldbuilding was like three or four characters in its own rightI mean you know its some serious science fiction if we're transported a billion years in the future where men and women are a fifth our

  • Manny

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseHallucinatory 60s novel possibly written on drugs which depicts a far future Earth in which humans have evolved into tiny creatures who live in a giant forest that covers the globe Oh and there are spider webs that stretch up to the moon a sort of biological space elevator Read the book to find out what the deal is with the fungi None of it makes sense but the images are striking

  • Althea Ann

    FREE DOWNLOAD » Hothouse HothouseIt's not just pulp fiction it's vegetable pulp fictionLong aeons in Earth's future an Age of Plants has risen Dangerous carnivorous plants are everywhere some species are even mobile hunters The remaining humans are a dwarfed shrunken species With greatly reduced intelligence and a simple tribal lifestyle they struggle to stay alive long enough to maintain their populationIt's an interesting premise sadly the execution is uite frankly terrible The writing is clunky The plot practically non existent The characters are at times uite literall