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Review Ø Петербург Á ❴EPUB❵ ✺ Петербург Author Andrei Bely – Taking place over a short turbulent period in 1905 'Petersburg' is a colourful evocation of Russia's capital—a kaleidoscope of images and impressions an eastern window on the west a symbol of the am Taking place over a short turbEPUB Петербург Author Andrei Bely Taking place over a short turbulent period in 1905 'Petersburg' is a colourful evocation of Russia's capital—a kaleidoscope of images and impressions an eastern window on the west a symbol.

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S are blended and juxtaposed; weather reports current news fashions and psychology jostle together with people from Petersburg society in an exhilarating search for the identity of a city and ultimately Russia itself 'The one novel that sums up the whole of Russia'—Anthony Burgess.

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ПетербургOf the am Taking place over a short turbulent period in 'Petersburg' is a colourful evocation of Russia's capital—a kaleidoscope of images and impressions an eastern window on the west a symbol of the ambiguities and paradoxes of the Russian character History culture and politic.

Review Ø Петербург Boris Bugaev was born in Moscow into a prominent intellectual family His father Nikolai Bugaev was a leading mathematician who is regarded as a founder of the Moscow school of mathematics His mother was not only highly intelligent but a famous society beauty and the focus of considerable gossip Young Boris was a polymath whose interests included mathematics music philosophy and literatur.

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  • Jeffrey Keeten

    Review Ø Петербург Петербург”Nikolai Apollonovich raised curious eyes toward the immense outline of the Horseman a shadow had covered him; but now the metal lips were parted in an enigmatic smileThe storm clouds were rent asunder and in the moonlight clouds swirled like the green vapor from melted bronze For a moment everything flared waters roofs granite The face of the Horseman and the bronze laurel wreath flared And a many tonned arm extended imperiously It seem

  • Fionnuala

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургThe twin spires of Time and Light stand out for me on the busy skyline of this phenomenal book Time counts down the narrative while Light provides the special effects that rhythm the ebb and flow of the truly idiosyncratic counting down process Yes 'ebb and flow' is appropriate to mention here We expect Time to move only in one direction and always at the same pace according to the age old rules but Bely's Time strikes right through the rule book It doubles back and when it's not busy reversing it suddenly speeds up in a thunderous wave or even bizarrely slows down to a complete stop The exclamation mark at the end of that sentence is there for than exclamatory purposes Bely uses exclamation marks as if they'd just been invented; sometimes they even mark pauses especially when

  • Jonathan

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургA uick note on the four available translations The first point is that there are two versions of this novel – the original of 1916 and a later version from 1922 The 1922 version was heavily edited by the author with significant portions of the text removed mainly to make it easier to read He removed many of the experimental sections and added clearer structure at the expense of some of his flights of fancy The shorter version is about 380 pages in the Maguire the longer is 570 in the Pushkin and 600 in the Penguin and both have similar size type For that reason alone I would not recommend reading the 1922 version Here is what someone else has said “ Peterburg was first published serially in 1913 14 and in book form in 1916 Bely revised it largely by making or less random drastic cuts for its republication in Berlin in 1922 The novel was reprinted in Soviet Russia with further changes in 1928 and 1935 Se

  • Vit Babenco

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургIn his later years when Andrei Bely was slowly going mad he hacked his original text of Petersburg making it twice shorter and endlessly dryer in order to make it readable for proles I doubt that any proletarian had ever read the novel but somehow this bastardly version had found its way to English translation And only lat

  • Jan-Maat

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургThe Bronze Horseman descends from his pedestal and goes visiting at night it turns out that he smokes a pipe view spoiler and indeed generally appears to have calmed down since the days of Pushkin's poem hide spoiler

  • Mark André

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургA curious work Something definitely out of the common groove But it is a novel and there is a story that does get told albeit in a rather uirky way When the pace is strong it's good and fun to read; while at other times when the pace is slow the author becomes somewhat self indulgent entertaining

  • [P]

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургIt is a cliché that all drunk people think that they are wonderful company that in the moment they see in their rambling slurred and often nonsensical conversation the brilliant holding forth of a world class orator Unfortunately for me I have never suffered from this delusion Whenever I get drunk I am fully aware of myself fully conscious of the torrents of bullshit pouring from my mouth I just don’t seem to be able to stop the flow Something happens when I drink some kind of mechanism in my brain gives way; and so the writhing mass of thoughts that harangue me when sober the near unbearable seemingly limitless and constantly overlapping multitude of thoughts that I liken to a big tub of live eels are given expression I sharein the most baffling manner possible Can you imagine what it is like to be on the receiving end of that Well you don’t have to You can read Andrei Bely’s Petersburg instead“Petersburg does not exist It merely seems to ex

  • Algernon (Darth Anyan)

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургIn which a story is told of a certain worthy personage his intellectual games and the ephemerality of existence Although it starts in a classical satirical tone the story of the Ableukhov family in the revolutionary year 1905 in Sankt Petersburg becomes very uickly an intimate exploration of the human psyche The events of the outside real world the very existence of the imperial capital become lost in the mists of confusion and inner turmoil that Bely's characters go throughI struggled myself to get a grip on the story I've been reading this novel on and o

  • David

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургAs a result in part of it's history going many years without publication outside of the USSR Andrei Bely's Petersburg first written in 1913 and not translated to English until 1959 is woefully under read It is perhaps most often read nowadays for the praise it received of Vladimir Nabokov who ranked it among Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu Joyce's Ulysses and Kafka's Metamorphosis as the twentieth century's greatest novels It is deserving of significant praise though it's ranking of top four for the century bears it tough competition from Woolf James Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Nabokov's own Lolita Despite this considerable competition it belongs on far Top 100

  • Szplug

    Review Ø Петербург ПетербургYes yes Andrei Bely I shall plunge into your world of candy coated crayons supertzar Slavs and sardine can ordinance of a père et fil in merry go round pursuit to discover and detonate the bomb Lauded by Nabo compressed and expanded a slyly singsong cavalcade of daydream dalliance mythomnemonic mayhem and prancing prickliness all coated with allusion and fired until the melancholic gloss shimmers like a midnight sun—I am firm in my faith in Davey Boy clan McClan clan McDuff to light the way with interpretive candles sufficient to reveal the aerated beauty of Bely in Anglo candescence