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summary ç Resonance ë ❴Download❵ ➹ Resonance Author Lina Andersson – Back when Billie Jensen’s life was simple Tommy Miles had been her older brother’s best friend They’d had that deeper than blood kind of connection and Tommy had even lived with them for a few y Back when Billie Jensen’s life was simple TommDownload Resonance Author Lina Andersson Back when Billie Jensen’s life was simple Tommy Miles had been her older brother’s best friend They’d had that deeper than blood kind of connection and Tommy had even lived with them for a few y Back when Billie Jensen’s life was simple Tommy Miles had been her older brother’s best friend They’d had that deeper than blo.

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Out of options Billie’s son is sick and Tommy could potentially save his lifeTommy is used to rolling with the punches that life throws him but when Billie shows up at his door asking for help and ready to reveal a devastating secret he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to forgive her for turning him upside down—againPlease not Even though ‘Resonance’ is a part of the Marauder Series it can be read as a standalon.

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ResonanceOd kind of connection and Tommy had even lived with them for a few years before he and Zach joined the Marines At some point that simple life got complicated When Zach died it had fallen apart completelyIn Zach Tommy had found his soul brother; it had even included an annoying little sister in the bargain Then Zach died and Tommy lost the entire Jensen family something he blamed that little sister forBut now everyone is.

summary ç Resonance Lina Andersson was born and raised as far up north as you can go in Sweden The long dark winters were made for reading and writing which is pretty much all she ever did In her early twenties she packed up her husband and son and moved to the slightly warmer climate of southern Sweden where they still live than a decade later When she's not writing she's an avid gamer and film geekKe.

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  • TeriLyn

    summary ç Resonance Resonance4 Gotta jump sooner or later Munchkin Stars Resonance hails as the fourth book in the Marauders series by Lina Andersson The main characters of which are Tommy Miles and Billie Jensen In previous books mentions of Tommy have left me intrigued and I was definitely interested in his story Andersson did not let me down as Tommy was the shining star of his own book There is a lot of history between these two characters They knew each other growing up having had a really sweet friendship As Tommy is the older brother's best friend there wasn't ever a romantic connection but a deep bond between he and Billie none the less Circumstances lead to tragedy in ways than one in this book and we see the two reconnect

  • Laurie

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceLina Andersson’s Marauder’s series is one of my go to biker series In the past I have considered it one of the tamer series in the biker genres Not because the Marauder’s aren’t a 1%e

  • Judy

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceI love the Marauders MC series and feel like I'm emotionally invested in all of the characters I usually get emotionally involved with the characters when I start a new episode For some reason I could never really connect with Tommy and Billie on a romance level The passion either for the hate or the love just didn't light a fire for me I loved the usual family approach by all of the club members and the level of support they always give to each other The ending broke my heart but makes me look forward to the next books to see how the family drags themselves out of this tragedy I have no doubt they will and plan to read the next book in the series There is a HEAview spoiler One of the characters is raped at the end of the book but the actual rape is not detailed only the aftermath spoiler hide spoiler

  • K-

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceThere were a couple of things that didn't work for me in this book One was there was so much pointless background info on the military or personal history or the drug war that they're in I'm all for background info if there is a point to it but if it has almost nothing to do with the story then just cut it My main problem was the errors Not only a large number of misspellings but random words that didn't make sense in places and so much repetitiveness There was one paragraph that described something and then the next paragraph was almost exactly the same with a few different words An editor or at least a better one is sorely needed Other than that it was great I love the world that Lina's written and the storyline was great Super trigger warning towards the end—rape Hoping Eliza gets a book 4 starsRe read 11315Re read 121916

  • Anna the Naughty Nun

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceI'll make this short It wasn't my favorite in the series But in hindsight there are so many good ones it's a bit of a compliment I liked Tommy I loved Billie because she was a badass And I loved the bonus of Felix Clyde and Leah The story didn't flow as well with the illness cartel and other club issues It was all important but it was too disorganized in timing But the developments were crucial and the story eventually went were I suppose it needed to go for the series

  • Leigh Parrish

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceI liked the concept of the story but felt like some things were just rushed through which made it harder to connect at times and way too much details on some things The timeline threw me off at timesI didn't know if it was the next day or weeks later at some points And I was confused because each time Billie met Eliza it read like it was the first time she met her I didn't get that But those are things that could be fixed with good editing I do like this series and plan to continue with the next book

  • Kimberly

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceHeart wrenching tear you up and spit out the piecesSuch an amazing story Felix really steals the thunder from everyone else We meet his mom Billie as she ap

  • Anne in VA

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceThis book was so freaking boring There were some parts that were really sweet with the little boy Felix but the parts about the Club were hella boring and really took over The romance was a bit slow at the beginning but slow as in NOTHING happ

  • Turnthepage

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceLina snuck up on me with a style of her own somewhere between Madeline Sheehan and Susan Fanetti This is Tommy and Billie's story However like every book in the series it will captivate you with the Marauders MC members and their love loyalty and struggles It's easily one of the best MC'S of the year Although it could be read alone you'd be cheating yourself as much as anyone else that hasn't read them all in order These characters will GRAB you They will stay with you long after the last page Must Read

  • Will2pear95

    summary ç Resonance ResonanceThis was a lovehate read for me Loved the interaction of Tommy and Billie and Felix Loved the Tommy's interaction with the club members Glad he started to feel secure within the club Hated hated hated that something bad happened to one of my favorites This is now my second favorite in the series Perfect Collision book #2 holds that spot edging out Center of Gravity book #3 by a slight margin Can't wait for the next book