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Liance by an entomologist The Fly Trap chronicles Fredrik Sjöberg’s life collecting hoverflies on a remote island in Sweden Warm and humorous self deprecating and contemplative and a major best seller in its native country The Fly Trap is a meditation on the unexpected beauty of small things and an exploration of the history of entomology itself   What drives the obsessive curiosity of collectors to catalog their finds What is the importance o.

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FlugfällanFlugfällan free download Author Fredrik Sjöberg “The hoverflies are only props No not only but to some extent Here and there my story is about something else” A mesmerizing memoir of extraordinary brilliance by an entomologist The Fly Trap chro “The hoverflies are only props No not only but to some extent Here and there my story is about something else” A mesmerizing memoir of extraordinary bril.

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Download Flugfällan 107 Ä ❦ Flugfällan free download ➜ Author Fredrik Sjöberg – “The hoverflies are only props No not only but to some extent Here and there my story is about something else” A mesmerizing memoir of extraordinary brilliance by an entomologist The Fly Trap chro “The hoverflies are only props No not only bF the hoverfly As confounded by his unusual vocation as anyone Sjöberg reflects on a range of ideas—the passage of time art lost loves—drawing on sources as disparate as DH Lawrence and the fascinating and nearly forgotten naturalist René Edmond Malaise From the wilderness of Kamchatka to the loneliness of the Swedish isle he calls home Sjöberg revels in the wonder of the natural world and leaves behind a trail of memorable images and storie.

Download Flugfällan 107 Fredrik Sjöberg is an entomologist and lives with his family on the island Runmarö in the archipelago east of Stockholm He is also a literary critic translator cultural columnist and the author of several books including The Art of Flight and The Raisin King which accompany The Fly Trap.

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  • Richard Derus

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanIt's shudder summer again folks in the Northern Hemisphere I recommend staying indoors away from the battering flaying UV stabbing sunlight and reading a lovely book by a Swedish nutter who's gaga about weird flies⬇⬇Look I gave it four shiny happy starsRating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says Warm funny and insightful The Fly Trap is a meditation on collecting; be it hoverflies or fine art A fascinating web of associations it begins with Sjöberg’s own tranuil experience as an entomologist on a remote island in Sweden and takes in heroic historical expeditions to Burma and the wilderness of Kamchatka Along the way Sjobe

  • Caroline

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanBy coincidence I reuested them months apart this and a volume of Harry Martinson’s poems arrived at the library for me to read in tandem How fortunate because Sjoberg refers often to Martinson’s nature poems But Sjoberg has a nonchalant approach to life it seems than the darker Martinson didI often retreat to a remote place on the southern part of the island to read the landscape On a gentle slope at the edge of a wood between a hayfield and an avenue of high voltage towers there is a large stand of broad leaved sermountain growing among the oaks and hazels which when the sun is at its zenith attracts fantastic hordes of insects to its large white umbels I usually see the noble chafer there Gnorimus nobilis and out on the hayfield without a care in the world are Burnet moths to whose odd color only Harry Martison gives full justice “The prime colour of the wing is a dark in

  • Caren

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanThis has to be one of the uirkiest books I've ever read I wonder how to describe it to youWell the author who is Swedish and lives on a very small island population 300 in the winter 3000 in the summer off the coast east of Stockholm is an entomologist as an avocation I assume and also a writer His specialty is hoverflies also called flower flies which he collects I had never even heard of h

  • Dav

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanSix stars I love this book One of those books that would occasionally get me so excited by its sheer beauty I would hav

  • Marina Sofia

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanNot sure what to think about this book It is a meditation on the nature of obsession on collectors on explorers on classification And just when you think it is all about entomology it suddenly ends with a discussion about art and forgeries There are some witty and profound observations about life and human nature but it's not a novel or a coherent memoir as such It feels like a loose collection of thoughts and essays rather than a coherent

  • Bettie

    Download Flugfällan 107 Flugfällanview spoiler Bettie's Books hide spoiler

  • Brian Clegg

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanI have to beg the popular science reader's indulgence a little with this title as there's not a huge amount of science in it but it is the most d

  • Lauren

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanRandom Reading a person's train of thought Unstructured If you are not interested in fliesdon't read it I wasn't interested in flies much and I was looking forward to it finishing However it was a pleasant book to read and it was relaxing but I found that because there was no story line I found it very hard to engage in it

  • Murray

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanInsightful gentle and brimful with good humour and uirkiness Granted the memoir of an amateur entomologist living on a remote Swedish island seems infertile ground for a good read But at the time I wanted something where nothing terrible happens so I broke my usual 'fiction only' rule and chose this And part of the book's charm is that it is soothing Sure the entomologist Fredrik Sjoberg cheerfully admits to carrying enough cyanide to kill all 300 people on the island but he only uses it on hoverflies his specialty The geographical reach of the book is small but his observations of the larger world are acute The reader certainly learns about a lot than just hoverflies and entomology thanks to the author's insights into human nature and his impressive knowledge of literature as well as natural history Sjoberg's musings are also often hilarious His dismissive cursory account of someone inuiring about establishing an EU backed horseradish farm on the island to make environmentally

  • Beth

    Download Flugfällan 107 FlugfällanWhen I read memoirs I find that I can generally connect with the author as long as he or she is passionate about something It doesn’t particularly matter what the author is passionate about as long as that passion and enthusiasm is conveyed in a way that draws me in and makes me care This book is a wonderful example of that – Fredrik Sjöberg is passionate about hoverfliesI like reading nature memoirs think Annie Dillard or Bernd Heinrich but I have no interest in entomology in general or in flies specifically Yet Sjöberg made me care He writes with genuine warmth and depth about wandering through meadows and pastures in search of hoverflies He describes nature as a language—and collecting and studying as a way to understand that language deeplyTo be fair the book is about than just hoverflies Sjöberg talks uite a bit about the psychology of collecti