★ Klop PDF / Epub ✪ Author Peter Day – Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious secret agent but he wasn't authorised to kill Instead he was authorised to tell tall tales bemusing and beguiling his enemies into revealing their deepest darKlop PDF Epub Author Peter Day Berkingmadcouk Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious secret agent but he wasn't authorised to kill Instead he was authorised to tell tall tales bemusing and beguiling his enemies into revealing their deepest dar Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious secret agent but he wasn't authorised to kill Instead he was authorised to tell tall tales bemusing and beguiling his enemies into revealing their deepest da

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Tanding wife on account of his extraordinary capacity to hop from one woman's bed to another in the service of the King Freuenting the social gatherings of Europe in the guise of innocent bon viveur he displayed a showman's talent for entertaining a trait his son the actor Peter Ustinov undoubtedly inherited holding a captive audience and all the while scavenging secrets from his unsuspecting companions Klop was masterful at gathering truth by telling a story; this is hi

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KlopRkest secrets From the Russian Revolution to the Cold War he bluffed and tricked his way into the confidence of everyone from Soviet commissars to Gestapo Gruppenfuhrer In 'Klop Britain's Most Ingenious Secret Agent' journalist Peter Day brings to life a man descended from Russian aristocrats and Ethiopian princesses but who fancied himself the perfect Englishman His codename was U but his better known nickname 'Klop' meant 'bedbug' a name given to him by a very unders

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  • Wilde Sky

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopThe life and career of a spy is described in this bookThe man discussed sounds really interesting but I found the writing style in this book too dry and in places I struggled to follow what was happening or maybe it just wasn’t interesting enough to hold my attention I couldn’t help thinking on a few occasions that the book was about the spy’s famous son than the spy

  • David Lowther

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopKlop is an interesting rather than enthralling story The career of Sir Peter Ustinov's father is meticulously researched and very competently told but there are several confusing passages when the reader is left trying to sort out precisely what's going on You are also left wondering why the story was told in the first place Is it because Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious spy as the title suggests probably not or because he had a famous son Nevertheless there is much to enjoy in the life story of a German married to a Russian who played a significant part in Britain's wartime and post war intelligence gatheringDavid Lowther Author of The Blue Pencil thebluepencilcouk

  • Vic

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopThere is a brilliant book in here somewhere I'm not sure if the issue is the author or the editor but the pace is that of a hotdog eating competition The information is of mixed relevancy and forced so much so you find yourself moistening the hotdog buns with water just to choke down the storyline

  • Tomi

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopDNFI couldn't follow the story line because the author was so intent on name dropping Read like a Who's Who list than any kind of actual book Shame because the book had so much promise Peter Ustinov's father a spy Wow

  • Robert Enzenauer

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopA very well written bio about an incredible character who happened to be Peter Ustinov's father Although only 5 foot 2 inches tall his exploits were gigantic as a British spy in World War II

  • Ryan La Fleur

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopAlthough it has some interesting information in it Klop suffers from two major flaws The first is the flow of the story it follows a generally linear techniue beginjngnwith Klop and his wife's parents and follows through until there deaths however it jumps around in the story telling bits and pieces of the narrative and never strongly connects the piecesThe second and important problem is that it isn't really about Klop It's about the events that happen around Klop You never really get a true sense of the man Once the author is done describing him physical and gives you an idea that he is a womanizer and a defender of freedom you never learn much else There is no great depth that you learn about anyone in the telling of this storySo although there are some interesting tidbits about how the Human and Counterintel

  • Anna

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopKlop was a spy in the Second World War and the Cold War He was born and raised in the Middle East as Jona Ustinov the son of a strict pastor During World War One he fought for the German army with his brother who later died After the war Klop moved to Russia where he met and married Nadia Benois who gave him the nickname Klop He continued working for the German government as an attache in Britain until the beginning of World War Two when he defected to Britain because he did not like the Nazi policies He then began to work for MI6 a counter intelligence organization Klop worked in Lisbon as a courier London as an interrogator for war criminals and in Switzerland helping break up a spy ring He also worked during the Cold War until the Cambridge Five scandal and his age forced him to retire Klop lived in the country until his death in 1962 This book is wonderful I enjoyed Klop's dauntless personality and charm Although Day was rather verbose in describing Klop's origins and fa

  • Donald

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopVery exciting bit of history Well written historical descriptive biography of a little known but important figure in the Allied gallery in WW2 A page turner of the first water Hope to fnd by this author

  • Anna R

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopThis book gives an interesting insight into the life of Peter Ustinov’s father and the life he forged for his family during World War II There was uite a bit of discussion of the different sides of World War II and why certain countries did what they did I like how much information is available and the incredible detail that each character had such as physical appearance mannerisms and specific jobs performed during the war If a person was looking to study the secret service of different European countries this would definitely give insight into all that was going on during this time If a person wanted a straight forward story and didn’t want to have to sort through all that was going on in each chapter this may not be their cup of tea It was very difficult to remember all of the characters as well as their aliases I think it would be better not being made into a movie The writer wrote a biography on Klop Ustinov And I would not recomm

  • Larry Van Bibber

    FREE PDF ✓ BOOK KlopIt was interesting book but the subject did not appeal to me