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  • Michelle Meyer

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerWhat to say Someone obviously thought things through when they wrote the sample download because immediately after that the f word was littered the pages and the sex came out While I like the f word just fine unnecessary use of it is weird and annoying as is the sudden turn to soft porn lol The lack of contractions gets annoying after awhile as well But what will stop me from buying the next book and makes me wish I hadn't bought the first is the ridiculous school where the teachers don't teach people snap at eachother for no reason at all and no one seems to have an ounce of self understanding or emotional restraint The final nail in the coffin is the simple fact that I didn't like Kenzie She's thoughtless flighty depthless as a character and doesn't learn from her mistakes Perhaps this will change as th

  • Sue Smith

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerInteresting read I liked this book The story kept me engaged The author does a really good job of identifying various personalities I might have been annoyed with the female main character except for the fact that she reacted very much like the 17 year old she was written to be Oh the narrow vision of youth I would have preferred one one one intensity randiness I'm hoping the next book provides story to the relationshipsThe book does end on a cliff hanger but it's not emotionally charged Which makes it okay for me I don't like anxious within my reading I'm trusting the author to pull through with the 2nd book

  • Ravens9308

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerWowjust wow I wasn't sure what to expect when reading Marked by Power but I love Cece and Gem's own work so I knew I would love this first book in their brand new series 3Kenzie is one of my favorite MCs that I have read about

  • Jennifer G

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerIn the world of the Marked there are things that are normal expected There are fewer women than men so it's normal to be raised by multiple dads and one mom At age 17 you go to The Marked Academy where you are tested to see how many marks you have and then you spend the next 3 years there being trained It is normal to receive six marks Mackenzie Crowe Kenzie doesn't care how many marks she receives 1 or 11 She has a plan; she is only here to put in her three years then back to her plan That is until she becomes the first student to ever be marked with all 12 marks; fire water air earth pain healing divination spirit protection technomancy transmutation and the unknown 12th mark Suddenly there is nothin

  • Tiffany Copple

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by Power5 stars for Marked by Power from CeCe Rose and G Bailey This is book 1 in the Marked Series This is reverse harem at its finest Kenzie has been marked with 12 powers and this just doesn’t happen No one seems to know what the 12 power is This story is exciting steamy and full of suspense Kenzie doesn’t have it east but with her relationships with Logan Locke East Enzo and Mr Daniels building she has people on her side This book has everyth

  • Jodie-Leigh

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerThis is an excellent start to a new series for sure So good in fact that I've also bought the physical copy tooThe story line is very interesting I was intrigued from the very beginning It's so very easy to get hooked to this book just from the first couple of pag


    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerI found this book by accident on and decided to give it a go as the premise seemed interesting It would definitely fall under the YA category despite it having some adult content at timesOnce I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down and devoured it on one sittingKenzie is a likeable protagonist with a uick wit and fiery attitude I liked that despite all that happens in the book she doesn’t loose that spunk that makes her stand out from so many other female leads When she is unexpectedly given twelve marks and becomes one of the most powerful among the Marked you just know there are going to be problems that arise East Locke Logan Enzo and Mr Daniels certainly add intrigue and candour to the story line as their relationships develop Each with completely different personalities and reactions to the crazy do first think

  • Raven.FP

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerYou will be hooked from page 1 I wasWhat a brilliantly written story I love the plot I love the reverse harem aspect and love the 12 marks and what they do I totally want to be initiated into this school especially if Mr Daniels is my teacher mmhhmmmmReceiving so many marks Kenzie has her work cut out getting control of her powers and proving herself worthy of them She is the talk of the school before she even startsWay to leave a cliffhangerOff to read books two and three

  • Ashleigh Sage

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by PowerOh my I really love this the Marked school and how they are initiated was really cool and amazing I love how the MC is always late for her classes and generally being lost when it comes to controlling her power I love the guys Enzo East and Mr Daniels are my favourite Love the twins though too seriously I love this book and I can tell I’m gonna love the seriesWhat a cliffhanger oLoo

  • Diz

    FREE READ ´ Marked by Power Marked by Power12 marks is very rare but Mckenzie has them all Untrained with the powers she is blessed with sees her start school for the marked She doesn't get off to the best start but is slowly learning how to use some of her powersSeems like McKenzie has a thing for five guys and one of them is a teacher